Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a slow build

i better count my lucky stars..i really anticipated this week to be alot crazier..but again im sure it will ive up to its reputation, im already plotting to take friday off. So tonight, slow for the most part. Usually direct deposit welfare cheques go through anywhere from 1am to 230..thus we get a rush around then, i took my break at one and cruised the block for streetzia( street pizza) and the buzz was in the air, line up around atms, dealing around line ups, abundance of lighters and butane being bought in the convient stores. Nothing major to report, had one guy almost OD, spent a good 15 min with him and a nurse reminding him to breath everytime his oxygen went to slow, eventually we put a mask on him and he was ok. Pretty standard story when people eget out of jail and maybe there tolerance is low or they do more then they normally do because its been awhile. Defiantly felt for the guy, by the end of the night he had misplaced his jacket , his bag and his wallet which i found later one wit hjust his bank card left. As we were closing and i walked him he was super thankful for us helping him, at one point he came back into the IR and didnt remember that he almost od"D 45 min prior. I suggested that maybe he "sit this round out" and he did, he tried to give me his watch as a token of his appreciation.

Asides from one of my clients telling me i put on weight it was a pretty tame night. Oh vanity, i really could be breaking up a fight between two extremly angry and intimidation guys and be completely calm, but drop a comment like that at the wrong time of the month and shit flys inside my head. Of course i didnt say anything because i really think that he was trying to be nice? like i lokk healthy? ha really tho? Its one of those things you really straight up dont say because last time i checked i was defiantly NOT mal nourished and in need of "healthy" weight. yup vanity will get you every time.

Right back to work...see how i can side track so easily to talk about myself talking about myself talking about myself......

tomorrow will be busy. I have a swollen canckle..aka tendentious in my ankle..maybe he saw my canckle and thought that i had gained weight>????


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