Tuesday, September 1, 2009

mini rant..

its dayslike this were i like to use the fact that i have alot of stuff going on as reason to not write. My fear that my social commentary about my work and culture of drugs i am in 4 days a week 9 hours a nite, will turn into me talking about my problems blah blah..but on the real tip is has been an intense week...so intense that iam surprised by my ability to function on a "pretty ok" level. After reading my 7am rant the other morning i got to thinking that i hope it doesn't come off like i dislike my job..i mean ya 8am is disgusting when you havent slept but im not a victim of it and obv i choose to show up at work, i think because my life outside of work is so blessed that it sometimes shields me and allows me to step inside situations, places, moments,sleep dept and be okay..like an outsider looking in.. make any sense

So ya dextox was a lovely refreshing change..i think everyone that work at insite hsold pop upstairs and see what sobriety looks like on people. i needed it..it was like a renuinion , alot of the time people you see everyday just disspaear,only to trickle down 2 weeks later for a smoke with like 20 pounds on and a soul behind their eyes..thats were they have been..its amaing that above the swirling choas of the injection site..above the massive amounts of drugs that pass threw that place..all the energy,paraphernalia and drama that floatong above it all are people trying to get sober. The second floor consists of a detox, 7-14 days..i think depending.. super nice facility considering. Vancouver only has 3 detoxs, our is one of them, the other two are a little rougher, at mine you get your own rommectect..

Afetr that phase yougo to the 3 floor were ideally you will be planning what to do when your done, ie/treatment or housing..remembering that alot people that go through our place are homeless..so even getting clena for a month and getting a place to live is a huge milestone. So the 3rd floor was were i worked and like i said i needed to see it. I think in the future i need to work in that environment, i feel i have alot to offer..i guess i have alot too ffer both on the front lines and behind the scenes but maybe the latter might be good for a change, well see what the universe says on that.

i couldn't believe how when i went downstairs how intense the energy is and how much i dont notice while im in it..its when your in a room with something that smells..and you adjust to it, someone walks in and is like wtf dude..thats how it felt..i walked downstairs and was like wtf..ha only to work last night and be perfectly comfortable down there..in the pit..on the front lines..amongst the pain and chaos..

on a really brightnote QV made it up to detox..the one from ottawa..hey maybe this time is different!

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